Book Launch: “Parliamentary Committees in the Policy Process”

Routledge are publishing a collection “Parliamentary Committees in the Policy Process” edited by Sven T. Siefken and Hilmar Rommetvedt. The book sheds new light on the often shadowy but essential role of committees which exist in modern parliaments around the globe. It questions the conventional notion that the ‘real’ work of parliament happens in committees. Showing big variation between parliaments today, the volume serves as a guide for future research, too. This book launch will be held as a virtual meeting on September 29 at 13:00 GMT. It features talks by the editors, Philip Norton, and some of the country specialists who contributed chapters. This will be followed by a Q&A session and general discussion. The event is co-sponsored by IPSA’s Research Committee of Legislative Specialists (RC08) and the UK PSA Parliaments specialist group. All interested are cordially invited. Participation is free. Please register by September 22 for the event here:   
More details about the book:   

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